Amelia Grisham

Name: Amelia Grisham

Shadow Name: Proserpina

Age: 21

Faction: Mage.

Concept: Alchemist

Virtue: Hope

Vice: Gluttony

Path: Moros

Order: Silver Ladder

Legacy: Uncrowned King

Size: 5
Speed: 9
Health: 8
Initiative Mod: 5
Defense: 2


Nothing much of interest really happened in Amelia Grisham's life until the day it ended.

She was just another normal high-school student, doing normal, everyday things: Helped her parents, wondered what she was going to study once high-school was done, whether she could get into a good school, if it was even worth the bother to stress out over it, and if any of the boys she knew were interested in her. Then she died. It was a stupid accident, really, and in hindsight patently ludicrous; Swerving wildly to avoid a dog running into the road in front of his car, an average, decent citizen managed to hit Amelia instead. As frantic onlookers called 911, and the panicking driver tried to help her, she quietly and peacefully died before help could arrive.

Only to wake up ten minutes later with the secrets of the world blazing in letters of fire on her soul, and scaring the living hell out of a paramedic who was about to declare her legally dead. Apparently, it was a miracle or some such. Amelia knows better. She's been given a gift. Or possibly a curse. Either way, everything was different after she died. A few weeks later, Aita found her.

That was four years ago.

Today, she's attending college. She's taken up sculpture, and she's doing well at it, too. Aita is still around, and she's made many new and… interesting friends. And on the side, she turns lead into gold. Well. She's working her way up to it.


Physical: 4

Strength: 00
Dexterity: 00
Stamina: 000

Social: 3

Presence: 00
Manipulation: 00
Composure: 000

Mental: 5

Intelligence: 000
Wits: 000
Resolve: 00


Physical: 7

Brawl: 00
Athletics: 000
Survival: 0
Drive: 0

Social: 4

Empathy: 0
Socialize: 00
Persuasion: 0

Mental: 11

Academics: 00
Occult: 000
Crafts: 000
Science: 00
Medicine: 0


Sculpting - Crafts
Alchemy - Occult
Acrobatics - Athletics

Merits: 7

High Speech - 0 (free)
Gnosis (2 dots) - 000000
Sanctum - 00
Alchemy Lab - 0
Mentor - 0 (Aita)

Gnosis: 000

Wisdom: 7

Willpower: [][][][][]


Matter: 000
Death: 0
Mind: 00
Life: 0


Total XP: 15
Spent XP: 15
Avail. XP:

XP spent on:
Alchemy Lab 1 - 2 xp
Sanctum 2 - 4 xp
Mentor 1 - 2 xp.
Life 1 - 7 xp